Sterile Products

All sterile products manufactured by Mandeville Medicines are terminally sterilized. This has two advantages. The first is that the products have a higher sterility assurance level and the second is that the products have a longer shelf life (typically two years or more) and do not require controlled storage at 2-8°C.

Mandeville Medicines is able to sterilize in both glass and plastic containers and is therefore able to manufacture a wide range of injections and infusions as well as a comprehensive range of eye drops and oral and topical solutions. Terminal sterilization allows Mandeville Medicines to manufacture oral and topical solutions which need to be preservative free, for example to meet the needs for improved paediatric formulations as currently being investigated by ESNEE

In a unique and recent development Mandeville Medicines has adopted the NonivLok® safer neuraxial connector and is able to manufacture epidural and regional products which comply with the NPSA Alert NPSA/2009/PSA004B.

Sterile Dosage Forms

The following is an indicative (but not exhaustive) list of sterile dosage forms that Mandeville Medicines is able to produce;

* Infusion Bags from 100ml to 1000ml

* Epidural and Regional Infusion Bags from 100ml to 1000ml

* Glass Ampoules from 0.3ml to 50ml

* Glass Vials from 5ml to 1000ml

* Plastic Vials from 10ml to 250ml

* Glass Bottles from 30ml to 300ml

* Plastic Bottles from 50ml to 1000ml

* Glass Eye Drop Bottles from 3ml to 30ml

Other specialist sterile dosage forms are also available on request.

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