Mandeville Medicines has a long and distinguished pedigree in the field of ‘Specials’. One of the first ‘Specials’ units to be licensed, Mandeville Medicines has always strived for excellence. Stretching for over 25 years, that path to excellence has created a breadth of knowledge and EXPERTISE which few can rival and a skill set tailored to the creation and development of challenging ‘Specials’.

Mandeville Medicines doesn’t just cherry pick the easy ‘Specials’, it continually deploys its expertise in the search for safer quality solutions to the many unstable formulations currently in circulation as sub-optimal and in many instances, unstable, extemporaneous ‘Specials’.

As a traditional ‘Specials’ manufacturer working with terminally sterilized and non-sterile relevant medicinal ‘Specials’, Mandeville Medicines has amassed over 25,000 formulations spanning a diverse product range. Such diverse experience and expertise is a key signature to the quality service that Mandeville Medicines provides.

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