TRUST forms the corner stone of medical care. This is no more so than in the field of ‘Specials’. Patients place their trust in those health care professionals prescribing and dispensing their medicines.

Those same professionals need to place their trust in the medicines that they use. As a rule, ‘Specials’ are not subjected to the rigours of testing and evaluation that support the use of licensed medicines. In the absence of such evidence, the use of ‘Specials’ may be little more than a leap of faith.

Mandeville Medicines understands that health care professionals assume full responsibility for the SAFETY and EFFICACY of the ‘Specials’ that they prescribe and dispense. Mandeville Medicines also understands how professionally challenging such a responsibility is.

The limit of a ‘Specials’ manufacturer’s responsibility effectively extends no further than making a supply against an order. For Mandeville Medicines, that is not enough. If ‘Specials’ are requested which fall beyond that which may be considered appropriate in terms of safety and efficacy, then Mandeville Medicines will counsel accordingly so that health care professionals are able to make better informed decisions regarding the liabilities that they have to discharge in their patients’ best interest.

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