There are three easy ways in which you can order ‘Specials’ from Mandeville Medicines:

1. Telephone 01296 394142. Please note that all telephone orders must be confirmed in writing before supply can be made.

2. Print off either the Existing Account PDF Order Form if you are an existing customer,

or the New Account PDF Order Form if this is the first time that you will be ordering from

Mandeville Medicines, complete the form and fax it to 01296 397223.

3. Fill in the order form below and submit it on-line.


Only those persons who are legally entitled to be in possession of unlicensed medicines are permitted to order ‘Specials’ through this website. Fraudulent orders from non-bona fide customers will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Please check your order carefully. An order may not be cancelled once submitted and processed and returns will not be accepted unless there has been an error on the part of Mandeville Medicines. Please check the terms and conditions of sale before proceeding. Please note that Mandeville Medicines will conduct a bona fide check on all orders. Orders received via the website (including faxed PDF forms) will be verified by telephone.

Mandeville Medicines Enquiry/Order Form

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The Unique ManMed product code can be found on ManMed product labels. This code can be used to order exact product repeats and helps prevent potential product identification errors.

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Please note that orders cannot be cancelled once they have been processed. Should you become aware of the need to cancel your order then you must contact 01296 394142 immediately. Orders are queued for processing which may take between 30 minutes to 4 hours which provides a limited opportunity to cancel an order.